Deep Vinyasa and Mindfulness

My Deep Vinyasa and Mindfulness yoga classes are a beautiful fusion of ancient teachings with a modern approach.

It is a blend of Ashtanga Primary Series with funky Vinyasa Flows to bring you the most  benefit out of this powerful practice.They are flowing sequences of postures designed to strengthen your body, relax your mind and help you to find harmony in this increasingly busy world. They consist of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (postures) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). The Asanas (yoga postures) not only tone the muscles, increase flexibility and improve the posture through alignment, but they also have a profound impact on our endocrine (glands) and nervous system and will leave you with a sense of overall wellbeing.

You will learn how to connect your mind body and soul, work through any health issues, increase your strength and flexibility, raise your awareness, build more organic relationships with others and appreciate and respect the nature around you. Come and unwind with me at the end of the week and recharge for a weekend ahead.

My group classes are a moderate level suitable for beginners and advance students with modifications offered to explore the postures safely and deeply.

Cost of Drop In session is £12 or £45 for block of 5 sessions.