Skeena Rathor

At the age of 21 I discovered Pilates, Every class made me feel taller and lighter. I became passionate about my practice, completely changed shape and felt alive, grounded and mentally focused. I have been teaching Pilates for thirteen years and have discovered a veritable feast for the body, mind and heart. I have studied with Lynne Robinson and many of the Pilates master teachers, I have worked as a clinical teacher for physiotherapists and have studied a number of advanced forms of Pilates. I have a huge interest in Pilates that transforms our posture and connects our mind. Pilates can change our brain and spiritual energy. Although Pilates is hardly taught as a spiritual exercise as Yoga is, I feel it is one of the most spiritually rewarding practices that connects our centre of being. I also love to practice Kundalini Yoga, Feldenkrais and Franklin Method body work. I am also an Endorphin Coach and practice Heart Math meditation. Presently I am training as a Bones For Life Teacher , A Feldenkrais programme that feeds a deeper strength in our bones and muscles.

My other great passion is mothering and babies. I am a breastfeeding counsellor and baby massage teacher, a newborn brazelton coach, a baby yoga teacher, a Montessori and special needs teacher. I have studied the relationship of movement and development and have created baby Pilates as a fusion of my experience and love of the wonder of early life.

I have three gregarious girls who have taught me to be patient and I am married to Andy, a maths teacher from heaven.


Spirit Pilates – Healing the Core

Thursday 6pm - 7pm Studio 2


To book this class or make further enquiries contact the teacher:

Telephone: 07939044386