Charlotte Ferrier

Kundalini Yoga changed my life. It is a powerful science and a wonderful gift. I became a teacher so that I could spread the Kundalini love and help facilitate change and healing.

Kundalini Yoga helps you deal with the world around you, clearing your energy centres (chakras), and enabling all the systems in your body to function just the way they should. It really is the yoga of awakening, leaving your mind feeling free, connecting you to spirit and strengthening your body.

I was taught Kundalini Yoga and Kunda Dance by the incredible Maya Feinnes and certified with The Yoga Alliance and can’t wait to share them with you


Kundalini Dance – starts 10th November

Kunda Dance is an energetic, full body work out that uses a mixture of Kundalini Krias (exercises), elements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements, meditation and mantra, set to 528 and 432 music frequencies to intensify healing. During the session we will move through your energy centres (chakras) one by one to help clear and remove any blockages – leaving you feeling euphoric.

It’s really fun and accessible to all ages and abilities.

My new Saturday morning class will give your weekend a kick start like no other, balancing your hormones and strengthening your mind and body.

Saturday 8.15am - 9.15am Studio 1


To book this class or make further enquiries contact the teacher: