Catherine Forrester

Catherine has practiced yoga since she was a teenager, and has been teaching since 2011. Yoga and mindfulness have had an enormously positive impact on her mental health and emotional wellbeing and it is for this reason that she is so passionate about sharing these practices.

Her teaching is accessible to everyone: there are no impossible poses or complicated philosophy, just moving, breathing, and making space for ourselves. She works in a gentle, nurturing way and specialises in supporting those experiencing stress, fatigue, or living with the impact of trauma. All her work has embodied mindfulness as a foundation and she believes that finding ways to reconnect compassionately with our physical selves can have profound impact on how we feel. Building a greater internal awareness of sensation, emotion and thought can help us recognise and release patterns that are no longer needed in our present lives.

She is a member of the Independent Yoga Network, having completed her initial training in 2011 and continuing to train and specialize since then in the field of yoga for stress and trauma. This training means that classes and one-to-one sessions might feel a little different to other yoga classes you have tried. The practice is offered as an invitation to explore your own body as it is today. Together you become interested not in what your body can do, but in what it can feel. Catherine is a guide who can walk alongside you on this journey, but you are always in charge and will always be offered choices. Working in this way – softly, exploratively, mindfully – can offer us an experience of profound reconnection with our bodies and our selves.


Friday Night Wind Down Yoga

Join Catherine for a restful and relaxing start to your weekend. This class weaves together restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation to help you offer yourself space and let go of a busy week. Restorative yoga is a gentle, nurturing style of yoga consisting of gentle movements and yoga poses supported by bolsters and blankets, which allow your nervous system to let go of unnecessary tension and return to balance.  By combining this practice with the principles of mindfulness meditation, we offer ourselves an opportunity for deep rest which allows the body and mind to feel refreshed, renewed and rebalanced. The class is suitable for everyone, including all stages of pregnancy and those working with injuries or medical conditions which might limit movement.

Class price – block bookings £10/class, drop-in £12.

Friday 5.45pm - 7pm Studio 1


To book this class or make further enquiries contact the teacher:

Telephone: 07912 534403