Pause: Transition to Autumn with Jay Foo

A luscious yin practice to begin to cool the heat of summer and welcome us into Autumn. Explore the subtle balance of strength and softness, stillness and movement, awareness and non-attachment.

The Autumn season governs organisation, setting limits and protecting boundaries. Moving from the outward, expansive nature of summer, to the inward, contractive nature of autumn. It is a good time to begin new projects that focus more on the internal. Autumn is a good time to be mindful to let go of anything we may be holding on to so we can make room for new experiences that will help us to learn and grow.

Yin Yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissues in the body to improve flexibility through long deep holds, while being supported by props, including bolsters and blocks. It also gives us time to sit within ourselves, to just be still, to notice what our body and mind are telling us.
Yin yoga works the deeper layers of the body, the connective tissue, fascia and ligaments and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to aid relaxation, reduce tension and improve mobility.

Come exactly as you are. Leave feeling lighter. Suitable for all levels. You do not need to do yoga, or have done yoga ever in your life to attend this workshop. Mats, bolsters, block, props provided. We will finish with delicious treats and tea.

Investment: £20 per mat space
Workshop bundles: 3 x workshops for £50 (making it just over £16 per workshop).

Please contact Jay for more details: